Aggressive Criminal & DWI/DUI Defense Lawyer in Queens, NY

Jason-A.-Steinberger-Aggressively-Fighting-for-Your-RightsThe Big Apple is a frenzied, magical, stressful, awesome, crazy place to live. There’s a reason so many people flock to it with nothing more than a few bucks, the clothes on their backs, and the ambition and will to make their dreams come true. True, most newcomers land in Manhattan, but the other boroughs get some play as well, Brooklyn and Queens in particular. Of course, it’s entirely possible to get into a mess if you run afoul of the law here regardless of which area of the city you find yourself in. Using Queens as an example, the first question most people ask after the cuffs click shut is what they should do next. Read on to learn what to do if you’re ever arrested in Queens.

Find an Attorney

The first thing anyone who finds themselves in custody while in Queens is to obtain reliable legal representation. There are many lawyers in New York City, but they certainly aren’t all created equal. You want someone with a proven track record of success, someone who knows the ins and outs of the New York City justice system as they pertain to a client, and most importantly perhaps, someone who sees you as a human being. In all cases, the only thing you should say to the officers detaining you is “I’d like a lawyer, please.” Then call Queens Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Steinberger – 646-256-1007.

Understand the Charges Against You

Your lawyer will help you with this, of course, but it helps if you have some knowledge of your own to start with – an arrest is stressful enough without going in blind! Here’s a brief sketch of how things break down in Queens:


Misdemeanors are, relatively speaking, crimes of lighter gravity or seriousness than others. They include shoplifting and other instances of petty theft and / or petty larceny, certain forms & types of drug possession and / or sale (including marijuana-related issues), issues of domestic violence, and so forth.


Felonies are those crimes which are the most serious – the possession and / or sale of certain classes of drugs, fraud, certain instances and classes of theft (burglary, armed robbery, and the like), possession or trafficking in stolen goods, rape, and other such crimes, up to and including capital offenses like murder.

While a felony is comparatively worse than a misdemeanor, you should take an arrest on either charge seriously, since in either case, a conviction will result in potential imprisonment and / or legal infringements upon your rights, abilities, and civil liberties – disenfranchisement or difficulties in securing employment, for instance. In Queens, an arrest for either of these means an arraignment and potential trial in a different location. Misdemeanors are handled in the halls of the District Court at Hempstead, while matters related to felonies are heard before officials of the Nassau County Supreme Court in Mineola.

Securing the Best Representation for Your Individual Circumstances

Arrested or not, you’re still a person with feelings and aspirations and goals for the future, but a conviction can have a devastating effect upon that future. That’s why you need to be represented by the right lawyer for you and your individual circumstances. Considering the stakes, it only makes sense to obtain counsel which is tailored to you – it might take a little longer or cost a little more, but it could very well be the difference between freedom and incarceration.

Understand something: No two cases are identical, nor is legal representation a guarantee of acquittal, no matter whom you might select or retain. Even so, Jason A. Steinberger is the sort of lawyer you want when the chips are down. With years of experience on both sides of the docket – you can’t get a better perspective on your defense than the one offered by a former state prosecutor from New York. Jason Steinberger has an “always open” schedule and philosophy, and a patented “prove or dismiss” style of client advocacy. A Steinberger client can feel safe knowing that a strategy that’s tailor-made to suit them and their specific needs and strongest legal position gives them the best chance of a positive outcome. In short, if you’re ever arrested in Queens, remember your rights, and remember that Jason A. Steinberger has your back. Call 646-256-1007 now for more information!